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The Center for Counter Terrorism Training (C2T2) provides training across the homeland security enterprise. Training ranges from large group presentations, to technically focused workshops and small training groups.

Recognizing that most departments, agencies, organizations, and companies possess in-house training capabilities, C2T2 provides a host of technical assistance, curriculum development, training aid production, and instructor development and mentoring supported by its extensive subject matter expert faculty of seasoned instructors and educators. C2T2’s capabilities in scenario-based training is due to it’s deep expertise and wide experience in developing and delivering this high caliber training for the public sector (local, state, federal, and international organizations as well as) and the private sector.

Arguably, C2T2’s greatest asset lies in its subject matter expert (SME) team of affiliated instructors from across the nation. In addition to their excellent classroom and skills development expertise, each brings a minimum of twenty plus years practical experience within their respective fields, which includes law enforcement, EMS, fire-rescue, hazardous materials, intelligence (both analysis and collection), threat and vulnerability assessment, CBRNe, military special operations, explosives, tactical operations, command, medicine, executive protection, among others No course offered by the C2T2 is delivered without instructors from this SME team.

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