Course Overview

High-end training and exercises for public safety and emergency responders often requires the use of role players and the application of various special effects including moulage, and other sensory exciters. Done well, these adjuncts can significant learning activities enhance the exercise play or the scenario-based activities of better training offerings. Moreover, although training and exercising are related, they do differ in intent, objectives, and other factors. One size doesn’t always “fit all.”

The workshop is organized into two major sections: role players and special effects (F/X).

The role player section will cover topics such as:

  • Role player objectives for training and exercises
  • Role player organization and management
  • Pit falls to avoid
  • Scripting to match intent and objectives
  • Safety concerns
  • Best practices from experience

The F/X section covers topics such as:

  • Purpose of moulage
  • Moulage done well and done poorly
  • Exciting the senses – adding realism to training
    • Sound effects
    • Touch
    • Restrictive vision
    • Radio communications
    • Smell
    • Temperature
  • Props

Primary Intended Audience

The intended audience for this workshop includes public safety, emergency management, emergency responder, and others that design and deliver training and exercises. (NOTE: This is intended to enhance yet maintain HSEEP exercise requirements and standards without conflict).

Setting and Approach

This course will be conducted by one or more subject matter expert instructors in a classroom setting. The course includes interactive classroom discussions and small group activities.

The Day of the Course

Breaks and Lunch: Break refreshments will be provided. Lunch is “on your own.”

Dress: Dress for participants should be relaxed and casual.

Handout Materials: Necessary handout materials will be provided at the class.